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When you want any quantity of concrete but only want to pay for what you need, barrow ready mix concrete is your best option. At New Mix Concrete, we mix the concrete quantities you need on your site and then barrow it to the exact location to offer a convenient, cost-effective service with no waste. With depots in Stockport, Manchester and Leeds, our ready mix concrete service is ideal for traders, authorities and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Affordable concrete delivery and placing

It can be easy to underestimate the hidden costs in handling and placing ready mix concrete – the labour involved in moving it from one spot to another, the wastage, and the effort can all quickly add up. At New Mix Concrete, we can simplify things by providing labour at the time you need it most during placing and you will only pay for what you need.

Charges are on a fixed rate per m3 (or part thereof), in addition to a standard charge which applies to any amount of concrete delivered. Apart from VAT, there are no other charges or hidden fees.

Expert service throughout Manchester and Leeds

We believe that we can offer the most cost-effective way to buy small to medium quantities of quality concrete. In addition to our competitively priced product, our labour and equipment are available at no extra cost to transfer concrete from mixer to site using wheelbarrows on prepared access. This leaves your key operatives to use their time more productively elsewhere on site. With our flexible service, you can use as much or as little of the concrete as you need within the carrying capacity of the mobile dispatching units. This means you can fine-tune your concrete requirements at the time of placing, without the worry and expense incurred in ordering and waiting for make-up deliveries.

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Conveniently located for your needs

At New Mix Concrete, we are proud to have been offering quality ready mix concrete for over 30 years. With depots in Manchester, Leeds and Stockport, we can offer a speedy and convenient service to all those seeking a high standard of concrete.

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