Barrow Mix Concrete Suppliers in Manchester

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At New Mix Concrete, we take pride in providing efficient and timely Barrow mix concrete for contractors and DIY enthusiasts across the North West.

Barrow mix concrete is perfect for your project if you want to pay for the concrete that you need, which reduces any waste and offers a more cost effective option when you need concrete on site.

We understand the limitations of transporting concrete to site, so our team prepares the exact quantities you need on site, then barrow it to the exact location needed.

Barrow mix concrete suppliers in Manchester laying concrete


Benefits of using Barrow mix concrete for your project

It has been known for some barrow mix concrete suppliers to charge ambiguous or hidden fees. Here at New Mix we take great pride in being completely open and honest with you. We charge a flat rate per m3 and provide free labour and tools to move our quality concrete from the mixer to the job site with prepared access using wheelbarrows.

To get started, use our handy concrete calculator to work out how much concrete you will need for your project.

Unlike traditional concrete, barrow mix doesn’t require any additional mixing, so it is ready to use as soon as it is poured.

Barrow mix concrete is also the best option when you need any amount of concrete but only want to pay for what you need. As barrow mix suppliers in Manchester we can provide:


As suppliers of Barrow mix concrete, we find that Barrow mix is easily adjustable on-site to meet specific needs or requirements. It is simple to change the mix if necessary.


Hand-mixing concrete with a wheelbarrow is a less expensive option than using a concrete mixer, making it a good choice for small projects.


A wheelbarrow is a versatile and portable tool that can be used in a variety of locations, making our on-site barrowing service simple.


Barrow mix concrete is an excellent choice for projects where a concrete mixer is unavailable or access to power is limited.


With proper mixing techniques, barrow mix concrete can produce high-quality, strong concrete.

Customer service

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers across the north West. We appreciate your input and encourage you to share any suggestions for how we might improve our service. You can use our online form to do this.


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Commercial Barrow mix concrete

Barrow mix concrete is also viable for both small and large-scale commercial customers. It is made of predetermined amounts of materials, ensuring consistent quality and strength, and can be used for foundations, walls, slabs, and paving.

Barrow mix concrete can be less expensive than traditional concrete mixing methods, particularly for smaller commercial projects requiring a smaller volume of concrete to sites with limited access. The ready-to-use nature of Barrow mix concrete reduces the need for manual labour, making it an efficient choice for commercial projects.

However, we offer free labour and equipment to transport concrete from the mixer to the job site using wheelbarrows and prepared access. This frees up your employees’ time to do other things while we prepare and move the concrete for you.

Domestic barrow mix concrete


Barrow mix is a practical choice for domestic projects like garden paths, patio foundations, and other landscaping. It is also versatile, with applications ranging from small landscaping projects to larger construction projects.

Barrow mix eliminates the need for a traditional concrete mixer, making it a more time-efficient option for home improvement projects.

Barrow mix is pre-mixed in small batches, making it simple to handle and transport to the job site. Because it is pre-mixed in smaller quantities, it is less expensive for domestic projects than buying ready-mix concrete in large quantities.




Can Barrow Mix Concrete be used for reinforced concrete?

Yes, Barrow Mix Concrete can be used for reinforced concrete, but it requires precise mixing and placing techniques to ensure proper bonding between the concrete and the reinforcement.

What are the recommended curing methods and duration for ensuring optimal strength and durability of concrete?

Using curing compounds, wet burlap, or plastic sheeting to keep the concrete moist and protected from rapid temperature changes is one of the recommended methods for concrete curing. Maintaining a relative humidity of at least 50% and avoiding direct sun or wind exposure. Allow at least 7 days for the concrete surface to harden enough to prevent surface damage from placement activities.

Where is your Manchester depot located?

Our depot is ideally situated near Victoria Station, allowing us to service Cheetham Hill and the wider Manchester area. We can deliver freshly mixed concrete to your site quickly and efficiently, providing free labour to get the mix where you need it.

If you’re looking for high-quality barrow mix suppliers in Manchester, New Mix Concrete can offer a site visit from a member of our expert team. To arrange a site visit, please call 0161 834 1312 or email and we will be happy to assist.

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