The story of New Mix Concrete and why barrow mix is ideal for smaller projects

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Since 1983, New Mix Concrete has been supplying small build contractors, local authorities and domestic customers with barrow mix concrete, also known as wheelbarrow concrete. We operate predominantly in the North West of England and West Yorkshire with New Mix Concrete sites in Stockport, Manchester and Leeds.

The longevity of New Mix Concrete in a competitive market is down to our affordable product and services, as well as our clean and tidy work, reliability and focus on providing an exceptional customer experience. Our friendly team members are an asset to our business. They are approachable, experienced and knowledgeable about our products and how they benefit our customers.


The story of New Mix Concrete


Why choose New Mix Concrete’s barrow mix?

Barrow mix from New Mix Concrete is ideal for small projects and renovations that require less concrete than large build projects. Our barrow mix concrete is produced on site in a mobile concrete batching unit. The concrete is then quickly transferred to wherever it is needed in wheelbarrows.

Getting the concrete inside a building, or to a garden or other small site with limited access is hassle-free using wheelbarrows. The alternative is to use a rotating cylinder concrete truck, but this is more appropriate for larger build projects due to customers having to pay for full loads or for material that hasn’t been used or carried.


What is ready mix concrete?

Both barrow mix and the large volume of concrete mixed in a rotating cylinder truck are ready mix concretes, but in the construction sector ready mix concrete suppliers tend to be associated with producing concrete in rotation trucks. New Mix Concrete are also, however, ready mix concrete suppliers, even though we don’t use cylinder trucks.


The story of New Mix Concrete - our concrete trucks


Efficiency, convenience and affordability of barrow mix

Smaller projects obviously don’t use the same of volume of concrete as large builds, so why pay for more than you use? This is where our mobile concrete batching units provide the benefits of efficiency, convenience and affordability. A digital meter shows the amount of barrow mix concrete being produced to avoid creating a surplus, so there is no wastage. This means you only pay for what you use which makes New Mix Concrete’s barrow mix affordable and convenient.


New Mix Concrete’s helpful information and guides for ordering and installing concrete

Having served customers for four decades we know what information they need and how to make the process of ordering concrete easier.

We devised our precise online concrete calculator to tell you the amount of concrete you need which will save you over-ordering and having to remove waste. By entering the length, width and depth of your project area you will be told the volume of concrete you need.

Our useful and easy to follow installation guides provide basic information on sub base preparation and compaction, site access, laying concrete, concrete finishes and concrete curing. We want to ensure we do everything possible to help you take the necessary steps to benefit from beautifully laid and cured concrete.  


A unique history in concrete trucks

Over our forty years of trading we have continually upgraded and modified the design of our concrete trucks to improve the convenience and responsiveness of our services to our customers. We still have a soft spot, however, for some of our older trucks, with one truck registered in 1993 only recently being retired. Take a look at some of our impressive trucks, both young and old!


Ready mix concrete delivery near me

When asking, “where will I find ready mix concrete near me?”, consider the benefits of working with a barrow mix concrete supplier with a valuable reputation and history in the industry. New Mix Concrete is the go-to ready mix concrete supplier for many small build contractors. For more information get in touch at



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