Footing and underpinning in Bury

The client on this job has used us for many projects for a number of years. This one was a little different though. The property that we attended was to be used as student accommodation. The owner had purchased two very large properties next to each other and had decided to double the size of each one. The properties were 4 stories high and the new properties would have to be the same. As a result, the footings and underpinning were quite substantial. Our client had to dig down quite a way for the foundations and this meant that our operatives had to traverse quite a steep ramp to access the discharge spot. We were forced to only fill the wheel barrows half way as that was the limit as to what we could carry down. The job was set up well but it did take more time than expected to fill the holes as each trip could only discharge half of the concrete that we usually would.

Another tricky job that was completed professionally by our valued employees.

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