Cellar in Headingley

By July 11, 2017Case Studies, Leeds

We were asked to attend a property in Headingly in order to help with the tanking of a basement. The lads arrived on site, on time and began to set up for the job. The builder on site had set up a brilliant way of getting the concrete in to the cellar. He had purchased a piece of water pipe with a diameter of around 70cm. He had then cut a slot in one end so that we could pour through the hole. The concrete could then flow in to a wheel barrow that he had left at the bottom so that one of his labourers could push it to the correct location.

The job required 4m³ and we had to help set up ramps to get to the desired location. With a little tinkering and ingenuity, the lads had constructed safe passage to the water pipe and were ready to start the pour. Due to the lack of access, the job was quite slow and difficult but, as usual, our boys persevered and managed to set up, get over 8 tons of concrete in to the cellar and clean up in less than one hour.

Thanks to our hard work and the fact that the builder had taken the time to prepare for our arrival, the job went off without complication and the customer could continue with their conversion of the cellar.

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