Concrete Placement in Winter

By December 18, 2023Blogs, News

Understanding Freeze Thaw 

As the winter chill sets in, construction projects face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to laying concrete. The impact of freezing temperatures on concrete, known as the Freeze-Thaw cycle, can be detrimental if not properly managed. At New Mix Concrete, with over 30 years of experience supplying concrete to a diverse clientele, we understand the intricacies of concrete placement in winter and adhere to a strict policy of not laying concrete at temperatures less than 3 degrees Celsius at ground level.

Freeze-thaw is a natural occurrence that happens when water in concrete freezes and then thaws. This cycle can lead to the expansion and contraction of water molecules, causing significant damage to the concrete structure. In colder climates, where temperatures frequently drop below freezing point, the risk of Freeze-Thaw damage becomes more pronounced. The consequences of this phenomenon include surface scaling, cracking, and a reduction in the overall durability of the concrete.

New Mix Concrete’s Winter Policy:

Considering the challenges posed by Freeze-Thaw, New Mix Concrete implemented a strict policy against laying concrete at ground level when temperatures are below 3 degrees Celsius. This proactive approach is rooted in our commitment to delivering high-quality concrete and ensuring the longevity of our clients’ structures. By refraining from concrete placement during extremely cold weather, we massively reduce the risks associated with Freeze-Thaw and uphold our reputation for excellence.

Several factors contribute to the decision-making process when laying concrete in winter. Ambient temperature, wind speed, and humidity levels all play crucial roles in determining whether it is feasible to proceed with concrete placement. New Mix Concrete carefully monitors these variables to make informed decisions and prioritise the well-being of the concrete and the success of the construction project.

Different Approach for Underground Projects

While New Mix Concrete refrains from laying concrete at ground level in freezing temperatures, our approach differs for underground projects. Underground conditions, insulated from the harsh winter elements, provide a more controlled environment. As a result, the risk of Freeze-Thaw damage is significantly reduced, making it feasible to lay concrete in these conditions.

The insulation provided by the surrounding soil acts as a natural barrier against extreme temperature fluctuations. This creates a more stable environment for the curing process, allowing the concrete to gain strength without being compromised by Freeze-Thaw cycles. New Mix Concrete leverages this understanding to continue supplying high-quality concrete for underground applications during the winter months.

The winter season presents unique challenges for concrete placement, particularly due to the Freeze-Thaw cycle. New Mix Concrete’s commitment to delivering superior concrete solutions is reflected in our winter policy, ensuring that we do not lay concrete at ground level when temperatures fall below 3 degrees Celsius. This proactive approach is based on our experience and understanding of the risks associated with freezing conditions.

However, we recognise the nuanced nature of construction projects, and for underground applications, where the impact of winter is mitigated, we continue to provide reliable concrete solutions. By tailoring our approach to the specific challenges of winter weather, New Mix Concrete remains a trusted partner for contractors, local authorities, main contractors, and DIYers alike, ensuring that the foundations we lay endure the test of time.


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