Groundwork: New Mix Concrete’s Wheelbarrow Delivery and Expertise in ‘Semi-Dry’ Mixes

By February 8, 2024Blogs, News

New Mix Concrete has been a reliable service provider in the construction industry for nearly four decades, particularly in the North West of England and West Yorkshire. Since 1983, we’ve evolved our services to meet the diverse needs of small-build contractors, local authorities, and domestic customers. Our commitment to affordability, cleanliness, and unparalleled customer service sets us apart in a competitive market.

One of the key features that make New Mix Concrete the go-to choice for civil engineering projects is our ability to provide bespoke concrete mixes tailored to the precise requirements of our clients. Whether a ‘tacky’, semi-dry mix for groundwork or a dry mix for specialised applications, we can customise the composition to ensure optimal performance and durability.

The flexibility of our on-site mixing capabilities means that customers no longer have to settle for standardised solutions. With New Mix Concrete, you have the freedom to specify the exact quantities and characteristics of the concrete you need, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and efficiency.

Our semi-dry mix, colloquially known as a “tacky” mix, is particularly well-suited for groundworkers working on various commercial projects, from kerbs and footpaths to parks, playgrounds and cemeteries.

At the heart of our service is the convenience and affordability of our barrow mix concrete. Produced on-site in our mobile batching units, our barrow mix is swiftly transported to the desired location using wheelbarrows. This method eliminates the hassle of accessing confined spaces and ensures that customers only pay for the exact amount of concrete they use, minimising waste and maximising cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of New Mix Concrete for Groundworkers

  • Bespoke Mixes: Tailored to specific project requirements, offering options like semi-dry and dry mixes.
  • Exact Quantity Provision: New Mix Concrete provides quantities that precisely match project needs, minimising waste.
  • Wheelbarrow Delivery: Concrete is transported to desired locations using wheelbarrows, facilitating access to confined areas.
  • ‘Tacky’ or Semi-dry Mix: Ideal for groundwork, providing excellent bonding properties for kerbs, footpaths, parks, and graveyards.
  • Cost Efficiency: New Mix Concrete’s approach minimises waste and unnecessary expenses, offering economical solutions for civil engineering projects.
  • On-site Mixing: Convenient for civil engineering projects, eliminates the need for transportation and ensures fresh concrete.

While ready-mix concrete is often associated with large-scale construction projects, New Mix Concrete has redefined the concept by offering tailored solutions for smaller endeavours. Our digital metering system allows for precise monitoring of concrete production, preventing overages and unnecessary expenses. This commitment to efficiency and transparency underscores our dedication to delivering value to our customers.

In addition to our mixing technology, New Mix Concrete provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the ordering and installation process. Our online concrete calculator enables customers to accurately determine the volume of concrete required for their project, eliminating guesswork and excess material.

As a testament to our heritage and commitment to excellence, New Mix Concrete takes pride in our fleet of concrete trucks, which have been continually upgraded and optimised over the years. While some of our trucks may have retired after decades of service, they are a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

When searching for “ready mix concrete for groundwork,” look no further than New Mix Concrete. Our unrivalled expertise, personalised solutions, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner for your civil engineering projects. Experience the difference with New Mix Concrete and discover why we’ve been a trusted name in the industry for over 40 years.


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